More about Interjection

Etymology: The word “interjection” comes from Latin word “interiectio” means “a throwing of placing between”. But, it denotes somewhat different meaning in grammatical view.

Definition: The words which express sudden feelings of mind such as, abhorrence, unpleasantness, soreness, merriment, anger etc. called interjection.

An interjection is a word or sound thrown into a sentence to express some feeling of the mind. J.C – Nesfield.

Interjection Meaning Sentence
Alas! Sorrow/sadness Alas! The man is dead.
Bravo! Encouraging Bravo! Go on.
Fie! Reproaching Fie! Fie! You are a great liar.
Hallo! Drawing attention/calling someone Hallo! Did you send my money back?
Hurrah! Depicting Hurrah! We have won the match.
Hump! Expressing doubt Hump! I don’t think so that you have said.

Note: In modern English, interjections are not counted as a parts of speech since there is no relation to other words in the sentence as well as if we avoid them, the original sentence doesn’t lose it meaning.